What Is a Catering Pod Trailer Used For?

What Is a Catering Pod Trailer Used For?

Catering Pod Trailer
What Is a Catering Pod Trailer

Learn more about catering pod trailers.

A catering pod trailer is a great way of serving food to the public – and for private events too. They have many benefits – for example, they’re lightweight, portable, and versatile. These are just a few of the reasons why many choose them as their food vendor of choice.

We bring you this blog post to discuss what a catering pod trailer is, its many benefits, along with what a catering pod is best used for. Our ideas could give you some inspiration to start your very own catering pod trailer business – so if you would like some great ideas, then read on for more.

Benefits of a Catering Pod Trailer

There are many benefits to using a catering pod trailer specifically compared to other methods of portable food vendors. You can find many benefits of catering pods down below.


Easily Attachable

Attach a catering pod with ease to your vehicle due to their smaller nature compared to other mobile food outlets. This is especially useful if you don’t have a big team of people to help you set up and pack away each time you want to move to a different location.


Lightweight enough to attach to different vehicles and easily transportable from place to place, wherever there is profit to be made.


Transport With Your Standard Driver’s Licence

These small trailers can be easily transported with your standard UK driving licence, unlike large vans or trucks which may sometimes require you to have an extra type of licence depending on the size of the trailer.


Enhanced Sales

Catering pod trailers are a popular way of purchasing food and drink. This is especially the case when at certain events and occasions.


Totally personalisable, you can design your catering pod trailer however you like. Different colours and branding can make your pod pop and you can be as wild or as subtle as you desire – depending on the vibe of your branding and business.


Low Maintenance

Being so small and compact, catering pods are easy to maintain and with low maintenance too. This essentially means less cleaning, less stock and overall easy upkeep.


Feel Close to Your Customers

Catering pods can be lowered to the ground or have sunken feet which helps you to feel closer to your customers.

Being closer to customers gives a more personal experience for people and builds a better bond, instead of being higher up in a bigger catering trailer for example.

What Can a Catering Pod Trailer Be Used For?

There are so many things that catering pods can be used for. The versatility of these tiny trailers means they can be pitched up for a wide range of different occasions and serve up different things too. Some popular occasions catering pod trailers can be used for include some of the following:


Sporting Events

Add some great food to sporting event occasions with your catering pod trailer. During halftime or sports breaks, sports fans will be happy to grab some tasty food and refreshments mid game so utilising this can be well worth your while.



Making someone’s special day even more special with some top-quality food is the way to go. Catering pods, kiosks and stalls are a great way to add to someone’s wedding and they are such a popular catering method at modern weddings nowadays.

Many catering pod trailer companies supply their business to the wedding industry only – this shows how popular catering pods can be at weddings.

Music Festivals

People are on the go all day and night at music festivals, so a quick grab of food but decent quality and whilst being delicious will definitely be appreciated by festival goers.

Some good ideas of things to serve at music festivals could include; stonebaked pizzas, freshly made toasties, made-to-order baked potatoes, or burritos to name a few things.

You could serve drinks too – think hot chocolates for when it’s cold at night and perhaps smoothies the next day when people are feeling a little worse for wear.


Christmas Markets

The home of all food stalls and catering pods. Christmas markets welcome all catering trailers and all the wonderful array of food and drink they have to offer. 

Your catering pod trailer could be used for many reasons this festival season including some festive treats such as; festive Baileys hot chocolate, mulled cider and wine, pints and steins, as well as hot dogs, burgers, crepes and churros to name a few of the typical festive treats.

Rent or Buy With Big Kahuna

Whatever you want to use your catering pod trailer for, you can rent many forms of catering trailer at Big Kahuna. If you wish to fully own your equipment, then that is great too – we also have catering equipment for you to purchase.

We have everything you could possibly need from catering huts, trailers, kiosks and gazebos, all of which can be found on our website for you to browse through at your leisure. Take it one step further with a complete catering package from Big Kahuna.

A complete package involves an entire catering product along with everything you need to go with it – an ideal way to get your foot in the door with catering without having the intimidating process of launching your own business, products and brand. These catering packages again, are available to either rent or buy, whichever you prefer to do.

Contact us at Big Kahuna if you have any questions for us, we will always be happy to help you with any of your catering business needs and offer our advice whenever possible.

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