Market Stalls to Hire for Christmas Fairs

Market Stalls to Hire for Christmas Fairs

Like every year, Christmas is quickly approaching us. If you are thinking about setting up a market stall for Christmas then it is useful to know what kind of stall you could set up.

We sell and hire a large range of different kinds of food stalls. Hiring is a great option when it comes to food market stalls, especially for Christmas when you might only intend on using it for the festive period.

Learn more from this blog post about the market stalls available to hire for Christmas fairs.


Different Stalls You Can Hire

Whatever you intend to sell at the Christmas markets this year we have got the stall solution for you. Read on to learn about all the types of stalls we provide at Big Kahuna.


Market Stall

A traditional table-type market stall with a 6ft x 3ft table, this stall is designed to be quickly and easily erected by 1 to 2 people.

The frame consists of 16 parts that can be easily connected and transported easily. Connected in less than five minutes is what makes this type of stall an extremely popular choice for many of our customers.


Mobile Carts

Mobile carts are perfect for selling coffee, hot chocolate, mulled wine and any other food and drink products that do not require a lot of space. This option is good if you are on a budget as they can be hired for £125 for the 1st day and then £50 for every day after.


Mobile Bar

A rustic wooden mobile bar will be perfect for those wooden German-themed Christmas markets.

Popular at weddings and private parties also, these mobile bars can be used alone or can be joined together to make a larger counter surface area.

Our wooden bars can be fitted with ice wells and sinks if required and we can provide signage and branding to match your event and needs.


Street Food Gazebos

The 3m street food gazebo at Big Kahuna is perfect for all kinds of food festivals, including Christmas markets. Whether you are serving up hog roast, hot dogs or burgers. This is the perfect solution for a temporary yet professional kitchen.

Wind resilient, our gazebos can stand the test of the British wintertime and unpredictable weather. It is always safer with Big Kahuna’s street food gazebos.



The standard gazebos can be hired in several ways. This perfect catering gazebo can be collected and assembled yourself, you can have us deliver it to your home or event or if the event is local to Liverpool, we will even deliver it to the event for you for free!

Delivery further afield can be done for a small fee. You can also order a gazebo with or without sidewalls and they can be set up on grass or hard-standing areas. Give us a call to discuss your options.



A Christmas chalet-style kiosk will be perfect for your Christmas market stall. Available to hire or buy, prices will vary depending on the additional extras you have.


Tips on Running a Successful Christmas Market Stall

There are now over 100 Christmas market stalls operating across the country at this time of the year. The high street sees a 7.9% increase in footfall during the Christmas market time of the year – making it a fantastic and festive opportunity to boost business before the new year comes.

Lots more markets mean more competition, some points can be found below for making your Christmas market stall stand out from the crowd.


Choose Your Product

Think about the last time you were at Christmas markets, what was it that attracted you? Food stalls always do well, especially if you are offering something warm. Products that make good Christmas gifts or decorations also do well.

Small trinkets, crafts, and jewellery, along with Christmas cards, gourmet chocolates, scarves, and homemade wreaths are all great examples of what you could sell.


Keep Stocked Up

Always take a little more of the products that you think you need, the worst thing that can happen is if you run out of stock during the busiest time of the year.

You don’t have to have everything on display at once, it just ensures that your stall will always be full and attract customers.


Create Visuals

Attract attention to your stalls with signs and banners. The main banner with your company name or logo on will help people remember your brand and also have an idea of the products you sell.

It will get dark quickly so make sure you have the right lighting for your stand. Fairy lights add a nice cosy touch or go full-on Christmas-themed to get people in the spirit.


Marketing Materials

After you have your Christmas market stall ready, have some material ready to follow up after the event. Printed flyers or business cards are a good idea, have your social media handles on show so people can find your business and products at a later date and once the Christmas markets have disappeared for another year. This could lead to repeat business.


Already Have a Catering Business?

If you already have an established catering food stall brand and business, what can you do to add a Christmassy twist to your existing products? A brownie business, for example, could produce a limited edition mince pie flavour.

Christmas market shoppers will already be in the Christmas spirit so anything Christmas-themed they will be more than likely to try – utilise this when coming up with your Christmas market product range.


Big Kahuna

For many years Big Kahuna has hired out market stalls for all kinds of events including Christmas fairs.

Whether you are hiring or buying, we have the solution for you. We even have full business packages for you to profit from, which are good for short-term hires.

If you need any help with hiring or advice on the type of market stall to choose, then do contact us via our website where we will be happy to advise you.