Our Guide to Stocking Your Mobile Wooden Bar

Our Guide to Stocking Your Mobile Wooden Bar

Mobile bars make great investments if you wish to make money from mobile catering. Alcohol holds great profit margins and so mobile bar hire could be an excellent opportunity.

Whether you are new to the mobile bar industry or are well established we have put together our guide on what to stock in your mobile wooden bar. Read on to learn more.


Introduction to Mobile Bars

Mobile bars are great for all seasons of the year. Any event, special occasion or party and you will find someone that will want to hire you or somewhere that you can pitch your mobile bar.

Mobile bars are a great way of bringing a bar to a location where there isn’t one close by. This includes locations such as in fields for all types of festivals, at various sporting events, for occasions such as the races or in temporary pop-up events such as in car parks or streets for celebrations such as the Christmas markets.

Have your licence to sell alcohol, stock your bar up with all the popular beverages to please your customers and off you go.


Mobile Wooden Bars

Wooden bars bring that certain rustic feel, one that screams Christmas markets, German-inspired market stalls and ski chalets.

Wooden bars are durable, strong and can withstand all weather conditions that the UK likes to throw at us.

Wooden mobile bars provide enough storage, counter, and bar space to be able to store the right amount of products and drinks. They also have enough room to create drinks for several staff members to be able to serve customers at once, as well as having enough room for customers to wait to be seen.


Where to Pitch Your Mobile Wooden Bar

There are lots of places in which you can pitch your mobile wooden bar, some great examples include:

  • Festivals
  • Race days
  • Sporting events
  • Private parties
  • Temporary venues
  • Christmas markets


Stocking Your Mobile Wooden Bar

This is our guide for things to consider when you come to stock your wooden bar. Consider the items and equipment listed below and get in contact with us if you have any questions.


Beer on Draft

Have an ice-cold beer on draft for a total crowd-pleaser. Not all mobile bars offer beer on draft so beer drinkers will appreciate having two or three beer options on draft for them to choose from.

You can have some alternative bottles or cans available in your fridges to offer a wider selection of beers to people, plus bottles and cans are also easy to store and serve.



Along with all the popular spirits and shots, you should sell cocktails if you want to make some serious profits.

Having some interesting cocktails will catch people’s eyes. Try and steer clear of the standard cocktail that customers can purchase anywhere. As you are a mobile bar, having something people can’t get anywhere else gives people a ‘try now or never’ option, this can encourage people to give something a go and try new things and ultimately, spend more money!



Don’t forget about the non-drinkers and other drink alternatives too. More and more people are choosing to stay away from alcohol these days for health-conscious reasons, so having drinks that are still appealing to non-drinkers will be a wise move.

Stock all the classic soft drinks – and why not get creative with some tasty mocktails on your menu? You can easily sell tea and coffee too or offer up some delicious variations of hot chocolates – which will be a winner with the kids.



As you are a bar, you will need ice as a key added ingredient for many drinks – especially cocktails! Your wooden bar can easily be fitted with an ice machine and also a portable sink will be required to soak up the leftover ice for general usage.



A fridge is a must, of course, for all the drinks that need to be refrigerated for the optimum serving temperature for your customers.


Drip Mats

Drip mats are a well-needed item. Handy for catching all the overspills when you are making your drinks and spillages from customers at your bar.


Memento Glass

Is your wooden bar pitched at a Christmas market? Having a printed or branded token souvenir glass or cup and letting people pay a deposit for the glass which they can keep if they chose, gives customers the option to take a little memory home with them. This is a great idea and gives you the easy opportunity to make more money.


Electrical Equipment

Don’t forget to stock your bar with the appropriate electrical that you need to operate. Think about your card machines for card payments and a cash register for those who still like to pay with cash.

Depending on where you are, the event or market you are at, and what facilities are available to you, you may need to bring your own generator too.


Mobile Bars With Big Kahuna

Hire or buy your mobile bar with Big Kahuna. We are experts in mobile catering. We stock all the catering supplies for equipment hire that you could need to get yourself up and running.

Check out our Mobile Wooden Bar that can be joined together to make a large space for serving and for preparing, extremely popular for weddings and private and public events, or opt for our Christmas Chalet Hire for the ultimate wooden bar experience. This Christmas chalet comes in a range of sizes and features a wooden base and flooring plus a stained-treated wooden frame. 

Alternatively, you can try out our Kahuna Huts for a wooden hut that will suit a range of needs for your temporary bar.

Do get in touch with us at Big Kahuna if you need any advice, would like some help or have any questions, we will be more than happy to help.