Cinders Festival TG160F BBQ

The Festival TG160F BBQ is the best commercial LPG BBQ on the market in the UK , perfect for tented areas and build-ups at large festivals, with low pressure stainless steel burners and flame supervision devices.
Whilst heavier and slightly more complex in design, it meets the UKLPG Code of Practice 24 Pt3-2017 for Commercial Catering Events, Street Food and Mobile Catering and is compatible with the NCASS ‘QuickSafe’ LPG system for temporary outdoor kitchens.


  • Meets every aspect of the UKLPG Code of Practice 24 Pt3.
  • No assembly needed, no separate parts.
  • Internal self-cleaning by reflected heat, saves time and effort
  • Folds flat to 19 cm (7½ ins) for easy transport.
  • Can be stood vertically on end, for the least storage space possible.
  • Leg design remains stable on soft earth and protects controls when folded.
  • Cooking heat achieved in less than five minutes, fast cool down.
  • High capacity from ‘production line’ open grill, for faster profits.
  • Individual controls for each side of the grill.
  • Economical 13.5 hours from one 19 kg propane cylinder
  • Excess fat collected in any disposable ring-pull can.
  • Warranty for Commercial Use.2395