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What Is A Food Kiosk?

Food Kiosk
Our Guide To Food Kiosks

Around the UK, catering has grown in popularity due to a whole host of independent venues making their mark on the hospitality industry. It can be fairly difficult to stand out from established franchises, although this has been made easier in recent years due to people’s excitement for discovering new places.

Where your venue is placed plays a major role in this, however. Should your venue be placed in a trendy environment that is thriving, it is far easier to build your reputation and have your street food become a fan favourite within that particular venue for example.

Hence why a food kiosk can serve as a tremendous way to build your brand. If you are unsure as to what a food kiosk is, however, let us explain:

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What Is A Food Kiosk?

A food kiosk allows you to add mobility, functionality and even space for your restaurant or food service truck. A food kiosk allows you to attract new customers to your already established location.

Although, one of the main benefits is that you can also attract new customers in entirely new locations altogether. For example, if you have a food kiosk housed within the Liverpool City Centre and you have amassed a fairly large fan base but are looking to expand to areas such as Blackpool – A food kiosk allows you to do this.

Regarding what a food kiosk or food cart actually is, simply put, it is a booth or a cart which you can add to your existing setup – which will allow you to add things such as additional mobility, functionality and space as mentioned above. Due to recent world events, restaurants and the hospitality industry, in general, have been forced to shift their direction in ways to reach new audiences.

For some, this change has seen exponential growth. Whereas others have unfortunately taken a loss and even gone bust as a result. Therefore, it is imperative that the various food service businesses explore avenues in which they can not only turn a profit – but can excel in their new business model.

With this in mind, it is important that hospitality venues, especially those that are small independents are pondering potential ideas without hurting their bottom line. Hence why a food kiosk can provide the exact level of proactivity as it can deliver the needs and even habits of consumers in a more streamlined manner.

Implementing a food kiosk can allow hospitality venues a unique zeitgeist which will propel them to the forefront of customers without the worry of spending too much money. Below we have listed a few key areas in which a food kiosk can help your food service business to thrive following the world once again entering normality.

Streamline Your Catering, Orders And Deliveries:

It is no secret that digital orders have grown exponentially over the past few years, with various digital food delivery services available to the public – this makes it easier for customers to order your food. Although, one potential flaw is if you are slow at delivering the food upon the orders coming through.

For new customers, making the first impression is what matters the most. Coupled with the fact of digital being at the forefront, if their food is arrived cold – the likelihood of those customers choosing you again is slim. Not to mention the possibility of those customers not recommending you to friends and family. This is where having a food kiosk can assist you.

Should you opt for a food kiosk to assist you in amplifying your delivery capabilities, you will then have a higher chance of recovering from your pandemic losses. Should you have found legitimate interest through various food delivery services and perhaps even social media platforms that obtain a large volume of delivery orders. You can lessen the strain of your restaurant by setting up a food kiosk and having that serve as another location for your pick-up orders.

Implementing this will see an upturn in your service which will ensure happier customers and less-stressed drivers. Resulting in a more streamlined system for your orders that will surely lead to more customers deciding to opt for you as their choice given your recent successes.

Speed Up Operations:

There is a multitude of reasons why opting for a food kiosk can assist you to speed up the operations of your hospitality business. The first way a food kiosk can speed up your operations is to set up a booth outside of your main facility. Doing this will see this food stall facilitate the taking of to-go orders whilst also distributing them as such. These can also serve to arrange a seating queue and even track reservations.

Another way a food stall can assist you in speeding up your operations is perhaps your venue is fairly small in size and can often lead to long lines forming. This can result in potential customers growing restless and opting to leave to be served elsewhere.

You can use a food kiosk as another point of contact that can help you speed up the process. This is especially true on the summer days as you can essentially feed both markets – those who like to eat inside or those who would rather enjoy the sun. All the while providing your food to customers in a timely fashion. Let us elaborate on this point further.

Providing An Additional Point Of Contact:

If you find that your food service business has been growing in popularity and are struggling to handle the success, it might be wise to incorporate an additional point of contact for your customers. Purchasing a food kiosk can do such a thing.

For instance, should operate a fast food venue within a shopping centre in which there is only one drive-through area coupled with a fairly small customer foyer/dining area. You are likely going to find that these customers grow tremendously restless in there waiting for their food and decide to look for an alternative.

Implementing a food kiosk can assist you in managing these waiting times by simply setting up shop outside. Opting for a to-go/takeaway approach and having this as your new point of contact for your customers will allow you to cover both angles.

Perhaps even if it is just to have an attendant greet the customers ahead of time, to announce the order(s) ahead of time. Thus bypassing the normal waiting times ahead of the customer’s arrival.

Conclusion Of What Is A Food Kiosk:

A food kiosk is a tremendously handy external booth which can serve as an additional tool for your existing hospitality venue. Having a bountiful amount of benefits to go alongside the food kiosk such as streamlining your orders, providing an extra point of contact and even speeding up your operations. Purchasing or even hiring a food kiosk should be a no-brainer for every modern hospitality venue.

For more information regarding food kiosks, and hiring equipment or accessories, get in touch with us at Big Kahuna today.

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