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Tips to Make Your Own Gazebo Bar

Gazebos are a stylish mobile catering vendor, perfect for any mobile business. They are versatile and are a popular choice for many mobile caterers. This freestanding roofed structure can adapt to you in order to make you the best mobile bar.

With plenty of room for customisation and personalisation, we have plenty of products and items to help you with the perfect set-up for your mobile bar at Big Kahuna. We also have lots of tips to help you make the best gazebo bar, so keep reading to find out more.


Stalls to Hire

Gazebo Bars

A gazebo is the perfect piece of equipment to set up a mobile bar. A gazebo bar can easily be erected, it is lightweight and is therefore effortlessly transportable from location to location across the UK. Gazebos are also great for hosting at a variety of locations and events and are great for any time of the year too.

A mobile gazebo bar will make for a great business, bringing a bar to those that need one and serving alcohol is sure to be a great money maker.


Top Tips to Make Your Own Gazebo Bar

There are plenty of things to consider when creating your own mobile gazebo bar. Below you will find some of our top tips on how you can make the very best mobile bar.


Pick the Perfect Time of the Year

Firstly choose the perfect time of year to create your business and set up your bar. Summertime for example is a great time of year to have a mobile bar, easy to pop up wherever you need one at festivals, sporting events, or race days.

These are all instances where a mobile bar will be required and where you can make some serious cash.


Choose Your Drinks

What type of bar are you? Are you selling a range of alcoholic beverages, or just specialising in one type of liquor? You could stock a range of local ales or be a specialised gin or Prosecco bar, as this would surely go down a treat, especially in the sun during the summer.

Offering a range of different flavoured gins, served with a garnish of different fruits is sure to be a winner.

Think about the type of drinks that are popular, on-trend, or seasonal to the time of year – and utilise that! A mulled cider or wine is guaranteed to be popular during the winter period when the Christmas festivities are well underway.


Branding and Signage

Another way to make your gazebo bar unique to you is with your brand and signage. This is something you can get creative with and something that will make you recognisable and memorable.

Most importantly, your signage, including your bar name, menu and prices advertise to your potential customers, showing them who you are, and also what you are selling.

Big Kahuna has signage that you can hire from us, so you don’t have to commit to forking out and buying all of our own signage, we can have it printed for you.

Nailing your signs and brand could be the difference between someone remembering your business or not. This could help you find repeat business at other events or times in the year or future, or even help you to get hired for private parties and events such as weddings, birthdays, or engagement parties etc.


Big Kahuna Equipment to Hire

Check out all of the equipment available to hire at Big Kahuna, we have a vast selection of vendors, equipment and accessories that you could ever need for your street food business.

Whether you need a market stall, trailer, kiosk or gazebo, find everything you need to hire and more by browsing through our list of items and our selection on our website today.



We have a few different sizes of gazebos for you to choose from at Big Kahuna. The size you go for will be dependent on how big you want your bar to be.

With a gazebo bar from Big Kahuna, you can tailor it to whatever your mobile business is, whether it is a mobile bar or something different. A gazebo is ideally used for street food too.

Choose from a 3m pop-up, 4.5m pop-up, or 6m pop-up. All three sizes can be easily put up in a matter of minutes with just two people


Benefits of Hiring

Hiring a gazebo for your mobile bar, or any other type of food stall will be beneficial if you only intend on using your bar seasonally. Purchasing a gazebo in this case would be a waste of money when you could save and get a better value by hiring instead.

Choosing to hire means that you will have higher profit margins because you are saving yourself the cost of purchasing the equipment outright. You will also have lower startup costs and expenses to pay for.

You will also have no maintenance costs or hassle to upkeep your gazebo with hiring. Once you have finished with your gazebo for the season or event, you can simply hand it back to us and we will take care of the rest. You will be able to rehire whenever you next need to – easy!


Big Kahuna Can Help

At Big Kahuna, we go that extra mile for our customers. We can deliver your gazebo or other product to your home or chosen event. This is just a small gesture that we like to make that makes a huge difference, especially on the day of your event.

You can put all of your focus on your business and running your gazebo bar or other mobile business ideas – and let us handle some of the hassles.

If you are local to the Liverpool area, we can even deliver for free! Anywhere further afield, we can help you out with a fee, which we will discuss with you beforehand.

Contact us for a quote of costings, or if you have any queries or need any advice about your gazebo bar business. We will be more than happy to help you achieve your bar or mobile catering goals. In the meantime, you can shop and browse our website for more information.