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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Burger Van for an Event

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Burger Van
Hire A Burger Van
Burger Van For Events

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Food is an integral part of any event – whether it is a dedicated food event or food festival or a totally different event such as a sporting event.

Having a delicious bite to eat is something that can make or break any events you may host – for example, a wedding, festival, or fun fair. If there is good food to be had, people will remember that fantastic meal or snack that they had on a really memorable day.

Mobile food trucks and vans have become so popular over recent years, sweeping the nation with their variety. It is no wonder that the variety of food available to purchase from one has become so vast, that you can almost acquire every type of cuisine from across the globe from a mobile food truck.

Burger vans are especially popular – but why should you hire a burger van for your event? Read on to find more regarding the reasons why you should hire a burger van for an event.

What to Sell in Your Food Van?

Sometimes, less is more and keeping it simple with basic yet quality ingredients and amazing recipes is what will appeal to the majority and keep people coming back for more as well as possibly hiring you for their own private events too.

For most events, it’s best to choose food that doesn’t require plates or cutlery – for example, burgers or hot dogs. Continue reading to find out why burgers are a great choice of food to serve at any event.

Renting Mobile Street Food Vans

Renting is one of the best ways to start off selling food in a mobile way. Renting a burger van or any food truck for that matter is a great idea for a number of reasons. You simply cannot go wrong with a mobile street food van hire. With everything set up and ready to go, along with the convenience of not having to need a separate vehicle to tow a food trailer, renting food vans is a great choice.

Read on to discover more about why you should hire a catering burger van for an event.


Less Risky Than Purchasing

Renting poses less risk if the business doesn’t take off in the way you had hoped – simply rent for a short period to test out your business. Only invest in a small number of ingredients and supplies to get you going – if it doesn’t succeed, then just hand the van or truck back – easy peasy! Then you can crack on to your next business venture.


More Affordable

Renting can be a way more affordable way of getting your food business off the ground. Having monthly rent payments (instead of forking out for the complete van along with all the equipment that comes with it or you need to fit inside it) can save you lots of money as your business begins. You can also hire a burger van as a one-off occasion – simply pay for the time you use it.

Take Them Anywhere

You can take your mobile food business anywhere you like. Any location that allows it, you can go. Letting people from far and wide experience your food is a massive plus compared to if you had a stationery business.


Good Prices for the Customer

Food trucks are not only an affordable way of serving food, but they are also an affordable way of eating too. Those wanting good food but at an affordable price at the same time are likely to choose street food options if they are available compared to a restaurant meal.


Why Choose Burgers to Sell in Your Food Van?

If you are wondering why burgers will be a great choice of food to serve on your menu to customers via your food van, then keep reading for some great reasons.


Popular Choice

Burgers are a popular choice for many people, bought into popularity by big fast food chains. If you sell burgers from your food van, they are likely to be a hit. Burgers are an integral part of street food culture. Getting a good burger right could see you benefit from making substantial profits.


You can now have a variety of ingredients and fillings within a burger. Both mobile catering and burger restaurants on the high street have demonstrated to us. You can make a burger gourmet or totally unique. Wow your customers with interesting fillings that shouldn’t work – but do! We are talking about ingredients to catch people’s attention such as:

  • Peanut butter
  • Jam
  • Onion rings
  • Blue cheese
  • Caramelised onions
  • Grilled pineapple
  • Honey
  • Fried egg
  • Mac’ and cheese

The list really does go on. The versatility of making burgers your way will make them unique to your food van and business. This means people won’t be able to buy your recipes or find your menu anywhere else!

Experimenting with sweet and savoury flavours really is a treat for the tastebuds – and remember to have fun with your creations.


Quick to Make

Relatively quick and easy to make, makes burgers a great shout for creating them on the move in your burger van. You won’t need much space to prepare them or cook them and there is a reason why America made them such a hit thanks to fast food chains (alongside hot dogs). Burgers are amongst the most traditional of all the street foods.

They can be made to order, including with or with extra toppings, whilst removing any ingredient that your customers don’t quite fancy.

Cater for All Dietary Requirements

You can tailor your recipes and add burger options for gluten-free customers, as well as creating a vegan burger for those that follow a vegan diet. Different meat alternatives are also likely to go down a treat, we are talking fish burgers, ostrich burgers, venison burgers or brisket to name a few ideas.

Just don’t forget to cater for those people that like it classic. The standard beef burger and cheeseburger are staples not to be forgotten.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Make sure you stand out from the crowd with your burgers. They may be popular, but this means you are up against some tough and fierce competition. The obvious way to do this is of course the taste, quality and filling ingredients of your burgers. Nailing this will help your business spread through word of mouth and help you achieve repeat business – keeping customers coming back.

Another thing you can do is nail your branding. Many burger businesses have nailed their branding, both visually and through their brand name. You will want to make an effort with yours too and carefully consider these things. This will help customers be grabbed in the first place and draw them to your brand and your products.


Big Kahuna

We hope we have demonstrated to you why burgers would be a great business idea to sell on your food van. The versatility of burgers really is endless, so enjoy and remember to have fun.

At Big Kahuna, we have a large range of mobile catering hire products. Check these out on our website, plus various other catering equipment supplies that you can choose to purchase or hire.

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