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Our Guide To Hiring Catering Equipment

Regardless of what event or function you are organising, you need to consider all possibilities. Unfortunately, many people overlook food when hosting an event, leaving attendees irritable and hungry.

If you plan on feeding your guests, you can either buy food in advance or cater for the event, whether it be in a food kiosk or a function room. However, if you’ve not organised catering for an event before, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to hire.

This is where we can help – read on for our handy guide to hiring catering equipment. In this guide, you’ll learn what kind of catering equipment to consider buying, as well as why you should hire equipment instead of buying.

Why Hire Catering Equipment Instead of Buying?

Hiring catering equipment is a much cheaper alternative to purchasing it. If you’re hosting a one-off event such as a wedding or a festival, there is no point splashing the cash and forking out thousands of pounds for catering equipment that you are going to use for one or two days. Instead, you’re better off hiring equipment for a fee and sending it back when you’re finished with it.

Likewise, if you’re starting your own events business, you may not have the funds to purchase all the equipment you need in one go. This is where hiring can come in useful – you can simply hire the catering equipment you need until you make enough money to purchase equipment.

Catering equipment can take up a lot of space many people have to use storage units to store their equipment when they’re not using it. This is another reason why so many people hire catering equipment instead of buying it – you can simply send the equipment back when you’re finished with it.

Hiring catering equipment is a great way of ensuring you have the ovens, fridges, and pots and pans you need to make your business versatile. Whether you hire smaller pieces of equipment such as plates and cutlery, or larger applicants such as fridges, trolleys, grills, and ovens, you’re sure to have what you need for your event to run smoothly.

By hiring the right equipment, you can ensure you have what you need to make a small event or larger event run smoothly. When times go quiet, for example, in the wintertime, you can simply pack up the equipment you’ve hired and wait until the next season picks up before you hire it out again.


Equipment For Cooking The Food

Regardless of your event, people are going to want to eat. Some people will hire catering companies to deal with this – some catering companies come with their equipment, but others expect to have the equipment ready for them. You may wish to avoid hiring a catering company altogether and cook the food for your guests yourself.

If you’re new to hosting events or catering, you may be wondering what equipment you’ll need to cook the food. From grills to pots and pans, we’re going to tell you the main pieces of equipment, including appliances, that you’ll need to cook the food for your guests – whether it’s a wedding, a festival, or a work.



Grills are a must-have for any function where you’ll be serving food. Commercial grills are designed to take heavy-duty use, which means you’ll have flexibility when cooking food. Different catering hire companies will offer different types of grills – you can find grills that can be mounted on shelves or freestanding grills, as well as griddles for large kitchens that can cook large batches of food for hundreds of guests.



When hiring a fryer to cook food, consider the size – do you have space for a large heavy-duty fryer, or will you need a space-saving countertop fryer? If you’re hiring a fryer for a kitchen, consider a deep fryer – they’re pretty much essential for any commercial restaurant. Many event companies have more than one.


Gas Ovens

If you’re catering in a more commercial environment, you may wish to hire a gas oven. Gas ovens tend to give you more control over heat levels and temperature. If you’re using a gas oven to cook a variety of foods or you’re cooking for many people, then you should consider hiring a multi-functional oven to suit your needs.



Blenders are extremely useful if you’re catering for people – whether you need a blender for a recipe, or you’re making desserts such as smoothies or milkshakes, it’s worth hiring a blender as part of your catering gear.

Some of the main types of blenders include mixers, bar blenders, kitchen blenders, and stick blenders – all of which can be utilised for different purposes.


Pots and Pans

It’s not just appliances that you need to consider when hiring catering equipment – you also need pots and pans. When choosing what pots and pans to hire, ensure that you opt for a quality material that conducts heat well and distributes it evenly throughout the cooking process. Some common materials used in pots and pans for catering involve stainless steel, copper, and anodized aluminium.

Equipment For Storing Food

As well as hiring equipment to cook food, it’s also important to consider how you’re going to store food. If you need to keep food cool, then you’ll need a fridge or a freezer – and if you need to keep food warm, then you’ll need a food trolley.



There are different types of refrigerators available to hire – whether you need a large freestanding fridge or a smaller tabletop fridge, at Big Kahuna, we can hire the right catering equipment for you.

Commercial fridges tend to be larger – you can find large cabinet fridges with single and double doors that are suitable for larger kitchens. Consider how many people you’ll be serving before hiring a refrigerator – you’ll need a commercial-sized fridge that can accommodate your needs.



There is plenty to consider when choosing a trolley to hire – do you need it simply to transport your food, or do you need it to keep the food warm too? Whether you’re hiring catering equipment for a restaurant or an event, you need to be able to transport food safely in a sanitary manner that doesn’t affect food safety requirements. Serving trolleys can help you to serve guests while keeping their food at the ideal temperature.


Providing You With The Right Catering Equipment

At Big Kahuna, we can provide you with all the catering equipment you need – whether it be a hot plate, coffee machine, and many more. We use the best and most reliable equipment – and wouldn’t hire you for something that we don’t already use and trust ourselves. Check out our catering equipment today to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. Based in Liverpool, we can distribute equipment to wherever you’re based, from London to Norwich.