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Kiosk Hire: Why Your Business Is Missing Out

The use of kiosks in retail continues to gain popularity as companies look for any way of increasing revenue and generating profits after what has been a turbulent time for businesses everywhere.

Offering flexibility and convenience, as well as helping with the growth of a successful retail business, kiosk hire is more popular than ever before.

Not only do they allow you to reach out to more customers, but they can also increase revenue and sales opportunities – so ask yourself this, can your business do without one?

Here are just three reasons why you should consider a food kiosk or market stall as your company looks to expand and embrace the future.


Are you Doing Your Best to Attract New Customers?

The use of kiosks can play a vital role in retail expansion as they provide a cost-effective way of expanding the reach and generating more sales. Not only that but the food catering service and attention to detail being put into this project (if you deliver delicious food) will certainly encourage people to share your business around the local area.

Placing kiosks at strategic locations to sell food and drink during business hours (or after) gives you the ability to reach more customers (compared to a regular store) without a costly investment or extending your existing property – while also maximising busier times of the year.

This enables you to increase your customer base with quality customer service, thus increasing the potential for you to sell more items – while also raising brand awareness to target audiences. Adding social media marketing on top of that will enhance these numbers even further – whether you hold corporate events, beautifully presented weddings, etc.


Are You Ready For a Post-Covid World?

If you own a business, such as a pub, bar or restaurant, you’ll be more than aware that the catering industry has been forced to make some pretty key changes over the past 12 months.

From outdoor service only to social distancing and even street food service; outdoor areas aren’t just considered as safer than indoors, but can also expand your horizons – quite literally in some cases.

The ideal extension for any occasion, a kiosk allows you the freedom to take a small business, established business or any type of business wherever the law will let you. This is not only a good idea for event catering but is affordable too – as people take to the great outdoors once again.


Can You Afford Not to Hire a Kiosk?

There are only two ways to increase profits. One is to increase revenue and the other is to reduce expenses.

So kiosk hire is a great way to reduce the cost to a recurring expense that can be spread throughout the year – making the most of the busier times while also allowing for those days when business is a little quieter than usual.

Put simply, hiring a kiosk if and when you need one to suit your needs, especially at particular times of the year such as Christmas, large outdoor events, sporting occasions or just those long summer days.


Talk to Big Kahuna

If you’re thinking about kiosk hire or market stall for your business, but are unsure about how you do it or what the costs might involve, worry not.

Big Kahuna offers a number of kiosks and market stalls to buy in a range of sizes whatever your needs.

What’s more, we also offer equipment hire, meaning you don’t have the problem of year-round storage or regular maintenance – we can even deliver it and assemble it for you for a small fee.

Here at Big Kahuna, we can talk you through any questions that you might have and guide you through all the options available.