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How to Make Your Street Food Stall Stand Out

Well-designed, custom-branded market stalls can push your business to the front of the queue by allowing you to attract more customers.

Not only can it help you attract more business, but good market stall branding can keep your company fresh in the heads of customers old and new.

Read on to find out how to make your market stall stand out, and how Big Kahuna can help you do it.


How it Works

Having a strong brand helps to build customer recognition when owning food businesses, as it will help differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors.

It can also help you introduce new eye catching products or services quickly, building on customer loyalty that allows your business to develop and change over time.

Communicating the style and ethos of your business effectively is the next step, and this is where market stall branding comes in.


Making it Work You

There are plenty of ways to go about branding your stall in a way that’s right for your business.

Here at Big Kahuna, customised feather flags can be made to match your brand’s design and colour scheme, connecting your stall to the overall style and vision of your business.

Not only that, but building a cult following on social media for your street food stall business will help reach more customers from outside your local area too.

These can be matched with small hanging signs, side menu boards and PVC banners, as well as standard rectangle signs to sit on the front of your stall.

Check out our website now to see what’s available.


Stand Out

Other options available come in the form of large, wipeable menu boards, perfect for accommodating a menu that changes regularly or evolves over time.

As well as this, branded pavement signs can be placed at a distance from your stall, catching the eye of potential customers.

Routed signs are also a great way to make sure you get the most out of market stall branding. These can be designed and shaped to your taste, serving as your stall’s centrepiece by displaying your logo and colour scheme.

Fully loaded street food stall with custom branding Stag Chili street food stall with custom street food branding


Getting Started

Whatever you choose, your design ideas will help your market stall stand out from the crowd.

Whether you need to establish or refresh your company’s brand, considering your options and exploring design ideas is always the best place to start.

While choosing what’s right for you might seem difficult, there’s plenty of advice for you to start with here at Big Kahuna, with gazebo branding ideas also available.

Why not contact us today to get some ideas, and give your business the cutting-edge design it deserves?