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Explaining How Portable Sink Hire Works

Portable sinks are great at providing you with running water on the move. This is ideal and essential for you and your mobile catering business. But how exactly does a portable sink work, and how can you hire one?

To find out the answers to these questions plus many more things to know about mobile sinks, then keep reading this blog to find out more information.


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Why Do I Need a Portable Sink?

Portable sinks are mobile and compact, they give you running water in areas where you need it where you may not have access to any nearby.

They offer convenience and a hygiene solution – and hygiene is an integral part of any catering business, mobile or otherwise. Having a portable sink, therefore, grants access to running water for mobile catering businesses, which is perfect for you whilst you are on the move.


Where and When Can I Use a Portable Sink?

In this section, find out exactly where and when you can use a portable sink, including when one will come in particularly useful for you – so read on down below to discover many of the places that a portable sink can be used.


Serving Food to a Crowd

When you are serving food to a crowd of people you will need access to water. With crowds, you won’t be able to navigate through the crowd to your nearest water source every time you need to wash your hands or clean your equipment. A portable sink, in this case, will be your best friend – a much-needed item at any crowded event where you will be serving food


Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are a fantastic way of serving food to customers. Whether you are hosting your business at a sporting event, zoo, concert or marathon race, with your portable sink you can stay hygienic and keep your equipment and yourself clean wherever you are outdoors.



Festivals are usually hosted in a field. Whether that be a food festival, music festival, arts festival, book festival or whatever festival it may be. Being located in the middle of a field in the UK countryside means that your access to the nearest running tap will be limited.

With a portable sink, you will never be restricted to where you can serve your food, no matter how deep into the middle of a field you are.


Anywhere and Everywhere

The clue is in the name with portable sinks, they are portable! Take them anywhere you please and have access to clean running water instantly. A portable sink is an absolute lifesaver for the catering industry, as it means we can take our business anywhere we wish without the restrictions of wondering where our nearest water source is coming from. There are no restrictions as to where your next water source is.


The Benefits of Portable Sinks and Hiring

There are many benefits of portable sinks and choosing to hire a portable sink too. Find out more about lots of these benefits down below.



Mobility is one of the top benefits of portable sinks. Take your sink anywhere you please where clean water is needed. The benefit of mobility for a mobile catering business is huge, with mobile equipment you would not have a business.


No Installation

Mobile sinks do not require plumbing connections, which makes them so convenient for you. This makes them cost-effective too.

You will have much lower overheads to pay for compared to if you were a stationary catering business in a brick-and-mortar property where your water would be charged from the plumbing system in the building.


Save Money With Hiring

Sinks can be pricey, we understand. That’s why choosing to hire a mobile sink is a fantastic option for you within the mobile catering world. When you are done with the sink, simply hand it back until you need one again at the next event or location you are headed to.

With hiring, you also don’t have to worry about upkeep and maintenance of your sink, making sure it stays clean, hygienic and up to industry standards. It is all taken care of for you, one less thing for you to think about and sort for your business.


Saves Water

Portable sinks control how much water you are using. There will be no leaking or dripping taps with a mobile sink. This means no water wastage which saves a lot of water.


Explaining How Portable Sink Hire Works?

Mobile sinks are self-contained units – this is why they can be made obtainable to hire and are available for hire with us at Big Kahuna.

Portable sink hire is always in high demand, as they can be moved around from location to location and be utilised for both indoor and outdoor usage.

They can provide ideal hand-washing solutions and give you hot water to locations where a tap or access to plumbing works is not conveniently available to you.

No installation is required with portable sink hire, such as this Handeman Xtra Portable Sink from us at Big Kahuna. All you need to do is make sure your portable sink is filled before you travel to your desired location or event. The pre-heated hot water is good to go for the usage of fifteen 12-second hand washes.

With this sink hired from Big Kahuna, there is no need for a plumbing or power supply and the water will stay hot for up to 5 hours depending on the starting temperature of the preheated hot water that it was filled with.


Big Kahuna

Make your investment in portable sinks with Big Kahuna. Whether you decide to hire the sink mentioned above along with other essential catering equipment hire, or you would like to invest in owning your own portable sink by purchasing one of your own, we have portable sinks available to purchase too.

Contact us at Big Kahuna if you have any questions about mobile sinks or anything else you would like to know about mobile catering or our products. A member of our team will always be happy to help and advise you.