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Terms and Conditions

Kahuna Huts – Flatpack – Kahuna Huts are manufactured to order so we do not refund on these items as they are bespoke products.

Kahuna Kiosks

The kiosks are non refundable as they are manufactured to order and bespoke to your needs.

Snag & repairs – If the kiosk needs signing off and snagging you are expected to come to the Kahuna Hut base to do so prior to delivery.
A picture will be sent or video if requested and if delivery is agreed and the unit to leave it is taken as the unit is signed off. Repairs and changes need to be done at our base.
If you have any issues there will be a charge for the return of the unit or a call out. If delivery is signed for then it’s confirmation all is fine and no issues.

Branding – Branding is paid for in advance and before proofs are designed . No returns are given. A proof will be sent prior to print confirming all sizes and finished artwork. Deliveries by post are not Kahuna Huts responsibility, if post is lost or late it is not Kahuna Huts Ltd. fault and no refunds will be given.

Kahuna Huts Hire – Payment is made in advance to book the date in. Cancellations made within a month of the event date will incur a 25% charge. Cancellations made within two weeks of the event date will incur the full amount to be paid.

Kahuna Huts Hire –

The owner agrees to deliver the hut and associated equipment in a clean and serviceable condition.
The hirer agrees to allow the owner to collect the hut and equipment in the clean and serviceable condition that it was delivered in.
The term of the contract shall be the time and date on delivery to the time and and date for collection
Payment for the hire must be paid in full prior to delivery
The hirer shall hold the owner harmless from all 3rd party liabilities that may arise from use of the hut and equipment during the period of hire.
The hirer shall provide details of their identity with photo ID, which may be in the form of an in date passport or photo driving licence
Payment is made by BACS transfer before the delivery of the hire.
If the hut and/or equipment is not available for collection due to THEFT or

DAMAGE and when cost of damage rectification constitutes more than 50% of the value of the hut and/or equipment, the hirer shall be liable for the full cost of replacement of the hut and/or equipment within 14 days of the date of collection
The hirer shall be liable for the cost of cleaning and repairing the hut and/or equipment that is found to be required on collection, which shall be deductable from the deposit provided on the commencement of the hire agreement
In the event that the hut and equipment is not available for collection at the agreed time, date and place, the hirer shall be liable for payment for each day over the agreed hire period at 1.5 times the full daily rate which shall be payable within 14 days of the date of collection
If the hut and equipment is not available for collection within 7 days of the end date and time of the agreement, the hirer shall be liable for the full replacement cost of the hut and/or equipment within 14 days of the date of collection.
12. The owner reserves the right to withhold the full deposit or part thereof if any of the terms and conditions of this agreement are broken at his discretion.

There are to be no screws, nails, glue or any other adhesive used on the huts. Also any tie wraps, tape, lights or anything else used to dress the huts are to be taken off before the collection of the units or this will result in a charge.
The huts will be totally clean and in the condition they where left by Kahuna Huts Ltd. Ready at the collection time.
The huts & equipment will not be left unsupervised until they are collected by Kahuna Huts Ltd.
No signage is to be attached to the huts other than Kahuna huts ltd.
The decision of method of repair and also cost of repair is left at the discretion of Kahuna Huts Ltd.

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