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Created with influences throughout the East, our compact menu packs a punch and will give you the tastes of the world right here in the UK.

The Big Kahuna Noodle Bar has been developed with influences throughout Asia. Our compact menu is full of flavour that will have you experiencing the East with every bite! The Big Kahuna Noodle bar provides the perfect package for simple, smart and speedy service while bringing the tastes of the world home to your back garden.

You will know about Pad Thai and Ramen, you may even know Laksa and Japchae, but we can guarantee you have not experienced them Big Kahuna style! Our fresh ingredients pack the punch while our world class chefs balance the flavour beautifully, combine that with the heart-warming sensation of food cooked with soul and you get the true street food event that is the Big Kahuna way . All that is left is for you to choose your protein (Beef, Chicken or Tofu) and we will handle the rest.

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