Hog Roast | Big Kahuna

Hog Roast

The Classic.

The Big Kahuna Hog Roast has been at the forefront of our Street Food Services for many years. Always impressive, our hog is slow roasted for 10 hours and you get a front row seat to see it being carved (well, we say carved but it falls off the bone really) and going straight onto the plate, no wonder it has become a favourite for the wedding breakfast!

Our Hog Roast comes with all the bells and whistles to truly complete the experience with fresh bread rolls, sauces, crackling as well as the apple sauce and stuffing (would not be complete without it!).

The Big Kahuna Hog Roast is offered in three packages ranging from our Bronze Package (as stated above) to the Gold Package as well as Spit-roast being available if requested.

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