Burgers | Big Kahuna


“Now that is a tasty burger!”

This might not be Europe anymore but you can still get a Royale with Cheese from us! Big Kahuna Burgers brings our brand of Street Food home with this carefully curated menu inspired by ‘Pulp Fiction’.

Making a good burger is simple. You can get a good burger from anywhere and you will leave smiling because that is what burgers do, like a friendly face in a scary place. However, a great burger, now that is a different proposition entirely. So that is what we set out to do, six exquisite burgers, perfectly cooked every time with the freshest ingredients we can find.

We have made sure our menu is diverse, from the stunning simplicity of our Royale, to the North African inspired Butch Coolidge, including our vegan-friendly vivacious Vincent Vega and Asian influenced Mia Wallace, all the way to the head of the family, The Big Kahuna. Now we really are, “The home of the Tasty Burger.”

Perfect for a casual evening meal at your wedding, or as the ideal way to bring corporate to the streets by serving this at your next event, Big Kahuna Burgers caters for all situations.

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