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Hut Features

Personal Service

Buying one of our huts is a personal service. We are always happy to discuss your requirements, designs and ideas.

Cooking counter or serving counter?

Our cooking counters have the front part lower (700mm) so when you place your cooking equipment on top it is at the right cooking height. The serving counter is the same height as the wood surround (900mm).

Stainless Steel/Wooden Worktops

The counters can be finished with stainless steel giving a really professional pop up kitchen look. Or the treated wood option for that natural rustic look to your hut.

Sink Options

Sinks are an option with a single or a double bowl available.

Cover Features

The covers for the huts are made out of a very hard wearing material, extra protection on the corners, a range of colours and fully printed options.

Sides & Back Panel

The covers come with a front, 2 sides and a back panel that goes full length to the floor. All separately attached by high strength velcro with velcro straps all round to attach to the frame.

Roof Overhang

A standard feature of the original hut is the 2ft overhang that not only gives customers cover but also gives extra cover for your food or product.

Flatpack Portability

Being flatpack Big Kahuna Huts are extremely portable making them easy to store and transport. Taking only 15 minutes to erect by one person. This design means it can be used in many places trailers cant.

Wood Panel Colours

We can practically do any colour in wood stain all weather proof. You can even choose to have a fully digital printed surround with no limit to design and branding.

Full Branding Service

We can provide a full branding service signs, banners, flyers, business cards and more. Branding on the hut is attached so you can change it to suit your event if you wish.

Catering Equipment

We also provide catering equipment. This means we are able to match anyone on price with a top quality product. Being in the industry we can source and have had previous experience with most equipment so can also provide knowledge on what equipment is best for each type of application.

Super fast assembly

Big Kahuna Huts are easy to assemble taking one person around 5 minutes to put up. How quick can you do yours??!!

Delivered Worldwide

Your Big Kahuna Hut can be delivered by courier worldwide.

Payment Options

Payment is made by Card or bank transfer on receipt of invoice. We can also arrange finance for any of the huts complete with equipment & branding.

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