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What is brand activation? Brand activation is a type of interaction where companies use certain strategies to drive customer actions – this can be done through hosting an event or creating a campaign.

The technique of brand activation campaigns is to boost brand awareness to a target audience or general public to gain potential customers and build lasting relationships. Many industries use brand activations to gain traction, including the retail and food sectors.

Using food kiosks or retail units as part of experiential marketing to increase brand awareness and brand loyalty is becoming pretty common. To learn more about how beneficial using food or merchandising units can be as part of a brand activation strategy, continue reading.


The Importance of Brand Activation

A successful brand activation campaign gives you a great chance at standing out among competitors. Providing many benefits, from helping to generate brand awareness to gaining new customers, brand activation is essential for most businesses.

But why is brand activation important? Regardless of whether you’re a new or well-established business, incorporating brand awareness is important. You might feel as though you know your audience well, but how well do they know you?

Brand activations allow you to connect with your future customers and present your business in the best possible way to ensure long-term relationships. You can’t always rely on social media platforms or ads to attract new customers.

Showing effort and dedication by hosting a brand activation event proves your ambition for your business, which potential customers love to see. Creating a unique brand activation campaign is vital, especially if you’re a less established company trying to get your feet off the ground.

Retail and Food Units for Brand Activation

If you work in the retail or food industry, you’ll likely be looking for ways to increase brand awareness. Using brand activation strategies to gain new customers is key. Using catering or retail units that are manoeuvrable as part of your brand activation campaign comes with several benefits.

These units can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas where you can grab the attention of a wider audience. Whether it’s releasing a new product or introducing a new dish to your menu, gaining the interest of new customers is essential for your business to succeed.

A cost-effective marketing route, using something like a retail merchandising unit to advertise a new product, often works better than traditional in-store brand activation at a brick-and-mortar store.

The Benefits

Retail and food units for brand activation offer many advantages to both your business and consumers. Brand activation is a modern and fun way to promote your business and build brand loyalty. The key benefits of hiring or purchasing a retail or food unit as part of your brand activation campaign include:

  • Increased visibility – get your business seen by large audiences using simple strategies
  • Unique experience – brand activation can be fun, providing a unique experience for yourself and consumers
  • Increased engagement – brand activation campaigns are meant to be engaging, allowing you to meet and speak to potential customers
  • Easy product promotion – promoting new products or dishes to potential customers or giving out samples promotes more interest in your business
  • Social media boost – brand activation aims to not only increase brand awareness but also enhance your online presence
  • Data collection – collect customer data through your brand activation to help with future product launches
  • Building brand awareness – branding opportunities, such as using your logo or displaying your products or menu items, help build brand awareness and catch the attention of the public

Brand Activation Ideas

Brand activation is used in a wide range of industries, so it’s important to try to stand out from a crowd of competitors. Your business’s brand activation campaign should be well thought out, requiring a lot of consideration.

Think about how you can make an impact on your audience and leave them wanting more of your products. Food kiosks and retail units act as a perfect hub for potential customers to learn more about what you do. For successful brand activations, we recommend hosting events in different locations. Take a look at our top tips:

  1. Make your event interactive for consumers
  2. Display your new products and provide free samples
  3. Promote the key values of your brand
  4. Speak with consumers to see what they want to see from you
  5. Encourage consumers to follow your social media platforms
  6. Consider partnerships with similar brands

Retail and Food Units for Brand Activation Campaigns

Here at Big Kahuna, we understand the importance of brand activation. We have a wide range of retail units and catering kiosks, ideal for your next brand activation campaign. We provide:

  • Catering equipment
  • Huts
  • Kiosks
  • Trailers
  • Signs and banners

More businesses are reaping the benefits of using our hiring services for their marketing campaigns. Our units make the perfect pop-up store for you to promote your goods. Although many clients hire our units for brand activation, most go on to purchase one of their own.

By choosing Big Kahuna to supply your catering or retail unit for your next brand activation campaign, you can expect a service like no other. Our longevity and industry experience allow us to find the perfect portable unit for you.

Offering support, guidance, and advice, you can trust our services for your next campaign. Brand awareness is key when it comes to promoting your goods – we have a diverse selection of signs and banners available that can be fully tailored to your business.

To learn more about our services, and find out how we can help attract new customers to your brand, please get in touch today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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