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Catering pods as food vendors have rapidly become the ‘must have’, trendy way of serving street food. With many benefits of having a mobile food business, it is no wonder that this popular food vendor is a hit with both businesses and customers alike.

Today in this blog post, we will be introducing you to catering pods and explaining what a catering pod is. Stay tuned to learn about the many benefits of a catering pod, how you can make your catering pod stand out as well as the best places to pitch your catering pod. For all this and more, keep on reading.

What Is a Catering Pod?

One of the most adaptable mobile catering trailer types of all, the catering pod is a compact and lightweight food trailer. You can transport them from place to place with your regular driving licence.

Catering pods overall are pretty low maintenance and can be utilised and adapted in any way that you wish to suit the needs of your business.

What Can You Serve With a Catering Pod?

You can acquire a catering pod all ready to use with the correct equipment already kitted out in it.

Catering pods can be used for specific purposes and selling certain products. Catering pods are particularly good for serving hot or cold food and drink, examples include burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, churros, and beverages such as smoothies, coffee, hot chocolate and even mulled wine. The list goes on of what you can serve up from a catering pod; the possibilities are endless.

Catering pods can be used to serve foods from all around the world – for example, British, American, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Asian, just to name a few.

Catering Pods Can Stand Out

Your catering pod can be unique to you and your business. Make your catering pod stand out with stand-out branding and signage – e.g using the colours of your brand. Whatever your vibe, whether you are a vibrant brand or more chic and sleek with your branding, you can tailor your catering pod to reflect you however you wish.

Utilise the ability to be as creative as you want with your catering pod. Showcase your brand personality and make your customers remember you. Being remembered is what will help you to get repeat business, this is particularly important when being a moving food outlet – as this could lead to private bookings for events.

Benefits of a Catering Pod

There are many benefits to a catering pod. Many of the benefits outweigh those of other food vendor types. Read on to find out more about some of the benefits in more detail.



Catering pods are lightweight, this is beneficial because it allows for easy towing. This means that you do not have to rely on several people to help to manoeuvre it.


Attaches to Your Car

No need for a larger vehicle to tow your food truck – catering pods easily attach to your regular car due to their lightweight nature. Transport your catering pod from place to place with ease.


Easily Towed

You can tow your catering pod to anywhere that permits you to pitch up and sell. Wherever there is profit to be made, you can travel to and utilise making money in lots of different places – increasing the chance of you making more money, compared to you have a stationary catering business.


Internal Vendor

Serving food from your catering pod keeps you or any staff operating it warm and dry. All staff members will be comfortable in any weather due to a catering pod being an internal vendor. This will be particularly useful in the winter months or when those summer rain showers fall.


A catering pod comes with a basic setup that is easily usable straight away. This is great, although it is even better as it can be adapted and expanded to your needs, whatever your catering business requires.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Be creative with your pod – both with how your pod looks and the menu you plan to serve. Stand-out menus are a hit with customers when it comes to street food on the move.

Vendors are not permanent, which is a bonus as customers are more likely to try something new that they have never had before. A ‘try now or never is an opportunity that many potential customers will not be able to refuse.


Lower Start-Up Costs

Easy to set up and with no rent to pay, a catering pod is relatively a low-risk business idea if you are just beginning your venture. No renovations are necessary, and no decor or property space is required, which means even with the most basic catering pod set up you are ready to go and make a profit.


Free Advertisement

As you are mobile with your catering pod, you are essentially a travelling advert. The more places you travel to, the more your business will be seen. This is why it is important to have an eye-catching pod – one that people will remember or is likely to catch their attention.

The Best Places to Pitch Your Pod

The versatility of a catering pod gives you the freedom to pitch in so many places and for lots of different occasions. Wherever a high footfall is, you are more than likely to sell your food and drink products.

A catering pod is relatively and conveniently small compared to other mobile food vendor options. This means you will not need much pitch space to be able to sell, making catering pods perfect for a crowded location or when space for pitching is small or limited.

Some of the most popular occasions, events and places for businesses to pitch their catering pods include:

  • Sporting events – football, cricket, marathons
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Business districts
  • Private parties
  • Street food markets
  • Christmas markets
  • Retail areas
  • Parks
  • College/university campuses

These examples should give you some good ideas of where you can pitch your catering pod.

Big Kahuna

Finding the most beneficial and profitable location for you will be a case of trial and error. Different occasions and events will be more popular for your business than others, depending on what you are selling.

At Big Kahuna, we proudly provide our customers with an array of food vending outlets to buy, catering equipment to hire, as well as business ideas too. Whatever you need to set up your food vending business, whether you are interested in catering pods or something similar, we have got the solutions for you.

Contact us today at Big Kahuna if you want any help or advice on catering pods or anything else catering or street food related. Our contact details can be found on our website if you wish to inquire.

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