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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a BBQ Food Trailer

Food trailers can be customised to accommodate your needs. You can tailor it, however, you like to help you prepare, serve and store food and drink, all whilst making optimum use of space and storage.

You can sell all kinds of things from a food trailer, including BBQ food! BBQ food is a great money maker. Potential customers will find it hard to resist the divine temptation of BBQ cooking smells wafting through the air as you cook your BBQ food.

We bring you this blog post today to tell you the top 5 reasons why you should hire a food trailer to sell BBQ food, so keep on reading to find out more.


Van Hire Food Trailers


Food Trailers

Food trailers are a great way of serving food if you have (or are thinking about creating) a mobile catering business. A catering trailer allows you to take your business on the road. Transport your kitchen across the country with ease and to your desired location.

Tow your trailer from your standard-sized vehicle, with no need for a special additional licence, (providing the trailer is the right size of course).


BBQ Food Trailers

Many people don’t know this but BBQ catering is one of the most sought-after catering styles people enjoy eating on the go.

Whatever the location or event, BBQ food is a popular choice for many. With a BBQ food trailer, you can offer up an array of different food options that can all be cooked BBQ style.

BBQ food is popular for a range of different events and occasions. Take your BBQ food trailer and sell your food at weddings, festivals, private parties, university campuses, food markets and everywhere in between.

What’s even better is that BBQ food suits a food trailer massively as you don’t need much equipment to get yourself going. All you need is a BBQ griddle and you are good to go.


BBQ Food

BBQ food can be spun however you like and it doesn’t have to be unhealthy either.

There is more of a demand for healthy options these days – especially when on the move. You can opt to serve BBQ chargrilled chicken, veggies, prawns or halloumi, for example.

Get creative in any way that you wish and incorporate BBQ food into your menu and your recipes.


Top 5 Reasons to Hire a BBQ Food Trailer

If you are still on the fence about BBQ food and whether or not having a BBQ trailer is the right option for you, read our top 5 reasons to hire a BBQ food trailer down below.


1. Versatile Option

The best part about a BBQ food trailer is that you are not limited. The amount of things you can cook and create with a BBQ trailer is huge.

Choose to edit your menu and mix things up for a bit of a change such as when the seasons evolve and the type of food that people may want to change.

For example, at the Christmas markets, people will tend to want a German-style sausage in a hot dog roll, whereas, during the summer months, a BBQ halloumi Greek-style wrap or kabab may go down a treat. These options are totally different from each other but just show the variation of things you can cook with a BBQ food trailer.


2. Cater to Many Different Tastes

BBQ is a great way to cater for different tastes. There are many different options that you can serve up with a BBQ, from meats to vegetarian and vegans options – just bare in mind that you may have to have a separate BBQ griddle for the veggies and vegans, so you don’t cross-contaminate the non-meat food with the meat.


3. Freedom and Connections

Having a food trailer is a great way of becoming your own boss. Work the hours you want and travel to the destinations that you like, all whilst selling your products and recipes that you feel passionate about. Alter your menu and change it to suit the occasion, event, or time of the year.

Not only this, you get to connect with BBQ lovers everywhere! Making connections with customers everywhere you go and sharing your love for BBQ food is likely to be extremely rewarding. You may even land yourself more business opportunities. If people love your food that much, then they are likely to book you for private parties and events.


4. Rewarding

Seeing the love on people’s faces when they take their first bite of your food really does make life on the road as a mobile food business worthwhile.

If you are passionate about BBQ food and want to share your passion through your cooking in a mobile catering way, then a BBQ food trailer could be perfect.


5. Scalable

There is always going to be a demand for BBQ food. Throughout any season, BBQ food can be created and sold at many different types of events and occasions across the calendar year.

You can always scale up your business whenever you need, once your business starts to succeed you can expand and even have a team of people hosting your brand’s BBQ trailers.

With this, you can supply people with your food at different locations and events up and down the country that are on at the same time, optimising the amount of profit there is to be made.


Hire Your Food Trailer With Big Kahuna

Now that you have read all about the top reasons for hiring a BBQ food trailer, it is time to hire one. At Big Kahuna, we have a range of food trailers available to hire today! 

Choose your food trailer size based on the size of your business and how much you need to store, not forgetting the catering equipment you will need, along with your branded signage too that we also have available to hire.

Need some advice on what size food trailer to go for, or perhaps you have another question about mobile catering that you would like to ask?

Big Kahuna are always here to offer our help wherever it is needed and provide ongoing support for our customers. Contact us today to discuss your options with us and browse our website in the meantime to discover more of our amazing products.