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Setting Up Your Ice Cream Kiosk

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Ice cream is one of the most beloved frozen foods not only in the UK but across the world. Known for its amazing flavour that comes in a whole host of flavour combinations – there is little in the way of competition in frozen foods where ice cream is concerned. Additionally, due to the bountiful array of flavours come people’s takes on the classic three – these being chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Although, in essence, they should taste the same, in practice there are subtle differences. This is where the art of crafting a recipe that either your customers, your family or you alone will love. Hence the importance of ice cream kiosks – especially if you are looking to sell your creations for public consumption. If you are eager to purchase an ice cream kiosk – we host quality kiosks that will more than do the job – although there are some that you need to consider.

For instance, is the aforementioned type of ice cream you are looking to sell from your kiosk? Should you be looking to sell pre-manufactured products that will be extracted from the freezer, an ice cream kiosk will serve as the perfect choice for you.

However, if you are aiming to provide freshly made ice cream – the likelihood is that you will need to opt for commercial catering supplies and house them in your kiosk. It is worth noting also that if you are preparing to open a new ice cream kiosk with freshly made ice cream then expect to pay a fairly hefty sum as this will be a true investment. The good news is that if you are passionate about how good your menu tastes, then expect customers to flock to your kiosk.

Something else that you should consider is the location of your newly acquired ice cream kiosk. You must stand out from the crowd and draw the attention of the audience, hence the importance of your location. Often is the case that the more traditional areas of finding an ice cream kiosk will serve as a sufficient place to set up shot. An example of this is gathered around other kiosks during the summer days.

Although, if you want to be a bit more out of the ordinary – we suggest that you set up your ice cream kiosk during musical events – especially in the summer months. Doing so will attract the audience as it is fairly rare that you see such stalls. Best of all, if you sell your bespoke menu – you can create various recipes that incorporate alcohol which will guarantee a larger crowd.

One of the biggest benefits that a kiosk can provide is the freedom of choice in terms of location. The examples above, are but some examples of where and how various locations can be beneficial to your new or existing business.

Not to mention the aforementioned combinations and variations of available ice cream. More variations of the beloved frozen food are being created as time progresses – covering a wide range of products for sale. For instance frozen yoghurt or sorbets, not to mention all of the dairy-free options that are available. In today’s market, there are a plethora of sub-categories for ice cream.

Although, if you are new to selling ice cream – you may want to specialise in one or two sub-categories first. This way, you can guarantee that you are providing fantastic products that your customers love – garnering a sufficient customer base. Afterwards, you can start to experiment with new recipes. It is always advisable to find a niche as it is a fantastic opportunity to make your mark in a competitive market. Especially if you offer superior-tasting ice cream.

As is pretty self-explanatory, the food industry tends to experience its fair share of trends. The hospitality industry is prone to meet the demands of the latest quirky inventions, with innovation being one of the most impactful metrics for success – ice cream is no exception.

For instance, dairy-free and vegan ice cream are one of the most popular creations, as for the black ice cream that was made with activated charcoal. This trend in particular found its way into most foods, especially independent burger restaurants offering an activated charcoal bun. More recent trends have seen new flavours being introduced such as matcha and everybody’s favourite alcoholic drink – gin and tonic.

Best of all, owning a kiosk provides you with the freedom to make all of the key decisions yourself. Whether that be choosing the menu, the décor (which we will elaborate on below) or the decisions relating to the opening/closing times of your kiosk. Not to mention the location. Your hours can be dependent on where you set up your kiosk. For instance, you may find that weekends are more convenient as this is where more footfall lies which in turn will be more profitable.

To stand out from the crowd, it is important to be visually striking. One of the best ways to do this is through signs and banners. These are great ways to make sure that you are seen amongst a sea of people – not to mention other stalls and kiosks that are present. The most popular signage and banners that you will find are large and side wipeable menu boards, branded pavement signs, feather flags as well as an array of hanging signage.

All of the above can serve to catch the eye of onlookers – especially if you have opted to design a style that is much more quirky and outlandish than the more traditional stores.

At Big Kahuna, we provide top-class ice cream kiosks that can assist you with your frozen-foods catering business getting off the ground. Offer everything from the kiosk themselves to custom signs, banners and menu boards and even catering equipment and spare parts.

Browse our available products today to either start your hospitality business or elevate your existing company to the next level by reaching an audience previously unattainable. You can do by browsing the kiosks that we have available for purchase. Should be planning an event, you are perhaps better off hiring a kiosk rather than renting.

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