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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wooden Food Kiosk

Hiring A Wooden Food Kiosk
Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wooden Food Kiosk
Hiring Wooden Kiosk

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Wooden food kiosks certainly look the part – strong, durable and therefore reliable, a wooden kiosk could be the perfect option for your business and for serving your street food.

It is always important to weigh up the pros and cons of any decision. This helps reassure you that you are making the right decision for yourself and your business. Read on to learn all about wooden food kiosks and the pros and cons of hiring one.


About Wooden Food Kiosks

A wooden food kiosk is a hut type of structure that can be used to sell food to the general public. It includes the storing of stock and will have the equipment needed for the preparation of food and drink.

Wooden food kiosks can be placed in areas with a good footfall of people and where people are likely to want to grab a bite to eat or drink. Parks, a wedding, sporting event stadiums, all kinds of festivals, business districts, university campuses and Christmas markets are some of the many and most popular locations for wooden food kiosks to be pitched.


Why You Should Hire a Food Kiosk

Hiring a food kiosk instead of purchasing one outright is a good idea for lots of reasons. Firstly you will not have to pay the expense for the whole food kiosk yourself. This means it will be more affordable for the duration of time you want it.

Secondly, if you intend on selling food or drink from kiosks seasonally, (for example, just selling during the festival period in summer or just selling during the Christmas market season during the winter months), then hiring is the way to go.

Food kiosk hire is also a less risky option than starting up a business and buying all the equipment to then discover that your business does not succeed, or if you decide you do not wish to continue with the business for very long.

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Pros of Hiring a Wooden Food Kiosk

Wooden food kiosks offer a range of pros that can help your catering business thrive, boosting sales opportunities and revenue for your catering brand. Some of the main benefits of hiring a wooden food kiosk can be found below.


Looks the Part

The great thing about wooden food kiosks in particular is that they look the part. Wood gives a certain look that simply cannot be achieved with any other form of food kiosk design other than wood. At Christmas, nothing quite gives that Christmassy feel that a festive-looking wooden kiosk gives off that Alpine chalet vibe. This is a typical French, Swiss or Italian wooden architecture type that is recognisable during the Christmas season.


Planned Location

Wooden kiosks can be placed in a considered location for maximum profits. You should give potential customers captivating signs and menus that are on display to draw people in from passing by and tempt them with what you have to offer.

Wooden kiosks have a portable location which will help you attain more customers from across the UK without having rent to pay like permanent restaurant businesses or like permanent food market stalls will have to.

Increased Profits

Food kiosks allow you to serve more customers than if you were a stationery business. Having your wooden kiosk will allow you to move around seasonally and pitch up your kiosk where there are profits to be made.

Customers also enjoy purchasing street food from kiosks such as wooden ones – it is an experience that cannot be mimicked elsewhere.


Lower Overheads

Lower levels of stock will be required due to the lack of storage space and also a smaller number of staff required than other catering businesses. All outgoing costs will be significantly smaller compared to catering businesses with permanent residences.

Cons of Hiring a Wooden Food Kiosk

We now move on to the downsides of hiring a wooden food kiosk. There will always be pros and cons in any type of food kiosk, so read on to learn more about the cons of wooden food kiosks.


Wood Can Be Expensive

Wood as a material can be expensive. It is difficult to mass produce and therefore having a wooden food kiosk could work out a more expensive option than other food kiosk alternatives.

Depending on how large you want your kiosk or the quality you want to go for will impact the expense of the wood. This has to be taken into consideration when deciding on the right food kiosk for you.

May Not Last As Long

How durable or long-lasting is wood? As a natural material, wood will have to be carefully treated in order to get the most wear out of the material and to stop it from perishing. Perhaps not so much of a problem when hiring a wooden kiosk short term, (which is another great benefit of hiring), although your hire price may include the cost of future wood treatments.


Possible Splinters

Be careful when handling raw wood. Although not serious, splinters can affect you as you work and are definitely no fun to have. If you are prone to getting splinters and would rather avoid them, then perhaps opt for a different type of food kiosk.

How Big Kahuna Can Help You

At Big Kahuna, we are known for our great hiring service. We have all the catering equipment you need to hire, whether you wish to hire a kiosk, market stall, gazebo or trailer – we have it all, and more!

If you have weighed up your options from this blog as to whether or not a wooden kiosk is for you, get in touch with us as we can help you get started and offer our advice.

Whatever you decide to hire, our products are strong, durable and weatherproof – meaning you can be dry and comfortable at all times when serving customers, whatever the weather throws at you.

All of our food stalls are completely mobile, have a quick and easy set-up, are super attractive to customers and are totally affordable too – which means they can make you some great profits.

You can choose to hire or we do have catering equipment to purchase as well if you prefer to own your equipment outright.

View each product available via our website, shop around and if you have any questions, do feel free to contact us.

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