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Is A Fish And Chip Van Suitable For Weddings?

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Fish and Chip Van Suitable For Weddings
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Weddings are a fantastic time for families, friends and loved ones. Although for the couple involved, there is a lot of planning that needs to go into the amazing day.

One such thing to ponder is the food that will be served during the event. Catering to your friends and family can often serve as a potentially daunting task as you want the spread to please the tastes of everyone in attendance. Hence the question: is a fish and chip van suitable for weddings?


Is A Fish And Chip Van Suitable For Weddings?

Fish and chips are often seen as a tradition of sorts and something which you can imagine most if not all of your guests can enjoy. Despite this, you will still need to consider the venue of the wedding itself.

For instance, if your wedding is celebrated outdoors with the catering taking place under a marquee – or you have opted for an indoor venue. This can determine the style of how you wish your cuisine to be presented.

With this in mind, however, will a fish and chip van be suitable for weddings? This can only be answered through preference. If your aesthetic matches the style of the wedding, then you can potentially implement a fish and chip van for your wedding to include a ‘wow’ factor for the traditionally themed wedding.

This coupled with the fact that the van will be placed outside, allows your guests to indulge themselves in one of Britain’s traditions as and when they feel. You may also be asking yourself if there is enough freedom through opting for fish and chips – worry not.

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What Styles Can A Fish And Chip Van Offer?

If you are concerned about fish and chips not offering enough freedom – the answer is in fact the opposite. You are right in thinking that fish and chips provide a more traditional or vintage feel with your catering. Although, this only becomes true when you decide to have it served in a traditional manner.

Various fish and chip vans provide their own contemporary flair to their offerings, making the classic dish more bespoke to match the aesthetic. This being said, however, if your wedding aesthetic means you would prefer your guests to be seated – you can always opt for a more formal, sit-down and traditional style with waiters serving the various tables.

You could even opt for a festival-style approach with your catering, hence the fish and chip van. A fish and chip can help implement a festival or informal style theme to your wedding should this be the style that you and yours wish to opt for.

There are ways in which you can make your catering all the more special, however.


Sourced Locally:

By sourcing your food for the evening to be placed in your fish and chip van. Opting for it to be sourced locally is a fantastic way to support where you have grown up. Not only this but knowing that you have done your part will only taste all the better, especially when it is crispy, battered fish with chips in which the potatoes have been sourced from local farmers around the United Kingdom.

This is but one of the many reasons how you can make your catering for your special day all the more perfect.

Honour A Sacred Tradition:

As mentioned above, classic fish and chips are one of Britain’s most cherished traditions. Being most people’s go-to thought when thinking about a takeaway. With this in mind, there are ways you can tailor this cuisine to suit the style of your wedding.

For example, should you want a more traditional style wedding – then being catered to at a table with the appearance of the dish looking slightly familiar can be one of the options that you decide to choose.

Whereas, you can also go for a more contemporary style approach. Having the iconic dish be served to you in quirky and creative ways will strike the attention of your guests, being not only delicious but also a focal point among guests.

Lastly opting for a fish and chip van. This allows you to provide a similar style akin to festivals. Although should you opt for this style – there are things that you should take into consideration.


Make Sure You Are Getting The Best Deal:

The most important consideration is that you are getting the best deal with your fish and chip catering van. The best deal doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest available. Given that it is such an important day, you want to make sure that the van can meet the demands and specifications met – making sure that there are not any unwanted surprises before it is too late.

You should also make sure that you are getting the best choice within the budget that you have. It’s one thing to have a van that suits your theme, but you also want to make sure that everyone is fed well with amazing food.

We believe that these are the two most important aspects to consider when choosing a fish and chip van for your wedding catering.

Conclusion On Is A Fish And Chip Van Suitable For Weddings?

Regarding the question is a fish and chip van suitable for weddings? Absolutely it is. Although, there are a few factors that you need to consider before opting for one. The main consideration is if it suits the theme of the wedding.

Other considerations are if you can find one that offers amazing food whilst matching the theme of your wedding – all within your budget. You do not want to make any regressions for your big day – this includes the catering.

We also recommend that regarding the food that is being served on your big day. You should always try to get your food supply from a local provider. That way you can feel even better about the food that is being served to your loved ones, knowing that you are doing your part.

For more information, why not see the latest blogs that we have on our website? Alternatively, why not contact us regarding any catering equipment that you may need?

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