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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Gazebos

When it comes to wedding gazebo hire or its counterpart, wedding marquee hire, the number of benefits makes you wonder why a wedding venue has ever been hosted indoors.

With previous COVID-19 restrictions casting a shadow over celebrations and ceremonies, the good news it’s that, as of May 17th, up to 30 people are allowed to attend Covid-secure weddings both indoors and outdoors.

As we get closer to a summer of celebrations, there are plenty of options you can check out here at Big Kahuna.

Additionally, weddings are an extremely favoured topic in the summer with a perfect wedding being outdoors for many. Therefore, here is a guide to what wedding gazebo hire can offer for the big day.

Make Your Dream A Reality

When hiring a wedding gazebo, the style and feel of your wedding are completely unique to you. Due to your outdoor ceremony being your choice, creativity with how you want to decorate and present this to friends and family

Not only can you explore options to suit your taste when it comes to personalised decor, but you also have the freedom to customise the size and shape of your outdoor wedding venues, as well as choose your caterer.

On top of this, being able to choose your table decorations, your bar, and your florist means wedding gazebo hire gives you full control over every aspect of your celebration.

This means that whatever your budget, versatility and character will be at the heart of planning a wedding.

People sitting under two Chinese Hat 6m Pagoda Marquee


Bring the Outside In

With Covid-19 restrictions, a present consideration, a little bit of outdoors can go a long way. If you’re looking to plan an outdoor wedding, with wedding marquee hire or wedding gazebo hire, sublime outdoor locations can go hand in hand with safety.

Whatever the weather, the choice of location is yours. A wedding ceremony should be the bride’s and groom’s decision – therefore, our team are willing to deliver your gazebo to wherever you desire.

From amazing country landscapes to family homes or places that hold a special memory, wedding gazebo hire brings the outdoors into your party or ceremony, with limitless venue options at your disposal and a perfect backdrop to go with it.

As an added bonus, celebrating your wedding outdoors, there is no need to worry if you think you could over-reach your venue’s capacity. Wedding marquee hire allows your guests to spill out of your venue into the ambience of your beautiful outdoor location.

Click here to learn more about what’s on offer here at Big Kahuna, and check out how you can create a great balance between indoor glamour and outdoor bliss on your wedding day when providing the perfect setting for wedding photos.

Do it All in Your Own Time

With so many benefits around flexibility, it’s easy to forget a big positive when it comes to wedding gazebo hire: timing.

Ever felt like the party’s over just as it’s getting started? Feeling restricted by venue times, whether it’s for your ideal start or perfect ending?

However, during wedding planning, you want your day to run accordingly when you opt for wedding gazebo hire, so why not dance, worry-free, into the early hours of the morning?

Whether you go for wedding marquee hire or wedding gazebo hire, there is only one question – what have you got to lose?

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Outdoor Wedding FAQs:

With this being such a huge occasion for the bride, groom and family members associated with exchanging vows – you need to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Here are the most common questions we receive when talking about outdoor wedding venues.

How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding in the UK?

In regards to how to plan an outdoor wedding in the UK, ensure that you have protection to keep you safe from any oncoming weather conditions. If you’ve planned it on a sunny day, hiring/buying a gazebo to make sure you’re food, suits and dresses are protected is essential.

Taking high risks by leaving yourself exposed to what the UK can offer, in terms of weather, would be a disaster. Therefore, having options included remaining under shelter will give you the best chance of experiencing the greatest day possible.

How to Decorate a Gazebo For a Wedding?

So, how do you decorate a gazebo for a wedding? Well, it depends on the aesthetic that you’re looking for. Some may like a brighter scheme with LED lights, whereas, some may want a simplistic, more classic setup. The decision will depend on what the bride and groom desire.

Sitting down together before you make this decision will be the best decision for you and your partner. If you can agree upon the scene you want to portray, this will benefit your mood on the day and also impress all the people you’re hosting too!