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Accessories That You Need for a Food Trailer

Accessories That You Need for a Food Trailer
Food Trailer Accessories
Accessories For Food Trailer

Learn more about Big Kahuna food trailers.

Before you get excited about the idea of a food trailer, you need to take into consideration the accessories that you will need to run a successful food trailer business.

Whether you are buying or hiring your trailer along with all the necessary accessories that you need, be sure to read this blog post. We will be giving you the low down on all the food truck accessories that you might not have thought about yet but will need to organise at some point – so keep reading for more information.

Food Trailers

Food trailers are a great way of serving various street food and drinks to the public and getting booked for hire at private events too.

Unlike a standard restaurant kitchen, a food trailer will have limited space for you to operate in, so sourcing the right equipment and accessories is crucial if you want things to run smoothly and seamlessly.

Food Trailer Accessories

Before you start your food trailer business you must figure out what food accessories you will need to function and operate. Consider crucial machines and cooking equipment, as well as cutlery and napkins – and most importantly, do not forget to factor in the costs of all these items.

Your main aim for your food trailer business is to make a profit, so consider all your costs carefully. Profit is vital for your business to survive. To give you a good idea of some of the top things you will need, consider the following:

  • Ovens
  • Ventilation
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Ice machine
  • Food preparation surfaces
  • Knives
  • Chopping boards
  • Shelving
  • Sinks
  • Disposable cutlery
  • Disposable plates or food boxes
  • Napkins
  • Utensils
  • First aid kit
  • Signage

Of course, all of the listed things may not apply to your business, as it is relative to what you are selling. Hopefully from this list, however, you now have a good idea or have now been reminded of some of the things that you may not have yet thought about.


Big Kahunas Accessories

At Big Kahuna, as well as having all the mobile food trailers and gazebos for you to buy or hire, we also conveniently have all the accessories that you may need for your mobile food trailer business.

Keep reading as we bring you Big Kahuna must-have accessories for your food trailer, from hotplates to hand wash and everything in between, we have got you covered.


Make sure your business can be seen and recognised by all with our exquisite and quality signage from Big Kahuna. Choose from different signage styles, including the likes of:

  • Base sign – this is a small aluminium sign which will include your design and is 900mm x 700mm.
  • PVC top banner – this is a banner to go at the front of your stall or trailer and is available in various sizes.
  • Side menu board – this handy menu sign will attach to posts, ideal for your stall. We can design this for you if you need us to.
  • Small hanging sign – this sign will hang from the side of your stall. Again we can design this if you need us to.



If your trailer isn’t kitted out with the necessary cooking equipment that you need then do not fear. We have all the electrical ovens and hobs in various sizes that you could ever need along with, jacket potato ovens, hog roasting machines and lots of BBQ equipment too. 

Whatever you plan on selling, we have many cooking accessories to set you and your business up for success.


Food Storage

For all your food storage needs, come to us at Big Kahuna. We have the necessary food hygiene storage boxes for you. Our Food storage containers are suitable and safe for storing both hot and cold food, to HACCP standards. They are also leakproof, easy to clean and dishwasher safe too.

Be sure to check out our other various food storage boxes that we have available.

Coffee Machines

Serve expertly crafted coffee as the main business idea or serve as an extra to accompany your food. Customers will appreciate being able to pick up a bite to eat as well as buy a coffee.

At Big Kahuna, we stock a wide variety of industry-standard coffee machines for you, so you can serve barista-level coffee to your customers.


Mobile Sink and Hand Wash Facilities

Sinks are a less glamorous accessory for your business, but a must-have one at that. If you need running water for your trailer, in case you don’t have access to water when you are pitched up, then you are going to need to find your own water sources.

Sink and hand wash facilities are available to buy at Big Kahuna, so be sure to take a look at our products and specifications to see what kind of thing you need.

Get in Touch

Big Kahuna are here to help you if you need any advice or guidance. We are not only here to supply you with top-quality products in all areas of the mobile catering industry, we are here to offer support if you need it.

We have a broad knowledge of both food truck equipment and food. We have control over the build and design of your products and can have custom products made in as little as three weeks. If you are fairly local to the Liverpool area, we can even help to deliver and set up.

Be sure to view all of our catering equipment available through our website. If you need catering accessories from today’s blog, or if you need to rent or buy a trailer, stall, gazebo or other mobile food outlets, browse today or get in touch with us. All of our contact details can be found on our website, where we will be happy to explain and discuss your options with you.

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